Intersection Improvements Begin at 72nd and Ward

Intersection Improvements Begin at 72nd and Ward

On April 21, the Arvada City Council authorized a contract with Concrete Express, Inc. in the amount of $809,709.11 for intersection improvements at W. 72nd Avenue and Ward Road. 

Improvements will include:

Widening along W. 72nd Avenue and re-striping of Ward Road to accommodate double left-turn lanes for westbound to southbound traffic and northbound to westbound traffic.

An additional westbound lane through the intersection.

Curb, gutter, and sidewalk construction along the south side of W. 72nd Avenue from Ward Road to Urban Street.

On-street bike lanes.

Relocation and partial reconstruction of the existing traffic signal.

Storm sewer improvements.

Funding comes from a $366,000 Federal grant with the remainder coming from the City of Arvada.   Construction is expected to commence in June and should be completed by December of 2008.