Intersection Improvements Underway at 72nd and Ward

Motorists inconvenienced by construction underway at W. 72nd Avenue and Ward Road will soon reap the benefits of the $800,000 project.

Scheduled for completion in November, intersection improvements will include:

  • Widening along W. 72nd Avenue and re-striping of Ward Road to accommodate double left-turn lanes for westbound to southbound traffic and northbound to westbound traffic.
  • An additional westbound lane through the intersection.
  • Curb, gutter, and sidewalk construction along the south side of W. 72nd Avenue from Ward Road to Urban Street.
  • On-street bike lanes.
  • Relocation and partial reconstruction of the existing traffic signal.
  • Storm sewer improvements.

Funding comes from a $366,000 Federal grant with the remainder coming from the City of Arvada.