June 2009 Executive Board Meeting Minutes


CPAAA Arvada Executive Board Meeting

June 17, 2009

Arvada PD Executive Conference Room

Meeting called to order at 6:02P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Joan Campbell, Nancy Mayer, Marilynn Maring, Leona Rude, Gary Busch, Kay Rowland, Deb Hamilton, Pat Ferguson, Lloyd Ferguson

Arvada PD Liaison - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

Secretary's Report - Nancy Mayer - May, 2009, meeting minutes reviewed. Motion to approve by Joan, seconded by Deb. Minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report - Kay Rowland

· April EOM (end of month) balance was $4,188.60 and May EOM is $4,540.55. Motion to approve by Deb, seconded by Gary. Treasurer's report approved.

· Current members - 91 - increase of 3 from last month. Kay wanted to know when should she remove the non-paying members off the roster. Marilynn volunteered to send reminder letters to 25 people who have not paid 2009 dues yet. Board approved removal of non-paying members on October 1 of each year.

· Gary and Lloyd need a current list of members' email addresses. Normalee to handle.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

· Normalee sent out welcome packets to new members. Packets include calendar of events, bylaws, welcome letter, membership card, and pin. As Kay receives new member applications, she'll forward the information to Normalee so that welcome packets can be sent out ASAP.

· Board is still discussing member "badge" design (to wear at meetings and volunteer events) and if we need to laminate them, Gary has a laminator.

· Reviewed recent Newsletter and Normalee has received feedback that people like it.

· Chris M. update - he's being deployed this month - CPAAA will partner with PD to collect items and get to Chris' wife to mail. Board approved mailing expense. Normalee will coordinate and will also cross-reference any received items to military's "restricted list." Items will be collected in a collection box at the PD - Jeff will send out info to PD. Normalee will prepare email for Jeff to forward and she'll handle the customs form.

Vice Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson - shared most recent hours report. Through 5/2/09, CPAAA has participated in 8 events, volunteering 248.9 hours. Some corrections submitted to Lloyd and he will include in next month's report.

Past Chair's Report - Marilynn Maring - nothing to report tonight.

PD Liaison's Report - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo -

· Teen Academy is on track and more applicants are needed. Flyers will be distributed at the June 20 Gold Strike Festival. The Teen Academy luncheon will be held on Monday, July 20. and he'll have more information at the July meeting.

· Jeff has some ideas for "Google Search" and will share more at the July meeting.

Old Business:

· Leona read a note from the YMCA that thanked CPAAA for participating at the 6/6 event. Leona reported back that the event was very nice and she received a lot of compliments on our new banner. Volunteers handed out B&E flyers for the PD, along with Teen Academy applications and child DNA kits. Leona recommends CPAAA participate again in 2010.

· 501(c)3 application process - Nancy reported that a dissolution clause must be included in the bylaws. She recommended the following:

"In the event this organization dissolves, all funds in the account will be donated to a non-profit organization that supports the Arvada Police Department."

Joan made a motion that the Board approve this bylaw change and present to the membership at tonight's general meeting for approval. Deb seconded. Board approved. (Proposed bylaw change was presented to the members in attendance at the 6/16/09 general meeting by Nancy. Cheryl Busch moved that the proposal be approved. Joan seconded. There was no discussion. Bylaw change was approved by a show of hands.)

New Business: since there is a general meeting at 7P tonight, there was no new business discussed.

Upcoming Events:

  • Gold Strike Festival, Saturday & Sunday, June 20 & 21 (10A to 4P). Nancy, event coordinator, reported that the volunteer response was very minimal so CPAAA will only be there on Saturday. Volunteers will hand out flyers for Citizens Police Academy, Teen Academy, and other flyers provided by PD. Numerous Board members volunteered to help with event. Leona has a canopy and will be there at 9A. Nancy provided her with a map to our location near the Library.

Next Board meeting - Wednesday, July 15, at 6P in Chief's Conference Room.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer, CPAAA Secretary