K9 Unit

Three German Shepherds comprise the Arvada Police Department's K-9 Unit. The canine/officer teams have played an integral role in the department's history for more than two decades providing support to officers working the streets. Duties for the K-9s include:

  • Suspect Tracks
  • Building Searches
  • High-risk Stops
  • Open-area Searches
  • Bomb Detection

Arvada's dogs are primarily selected from European kennels because they are bred for their working ability. Once the dogs two years of age, they begin their preparation for their jobs with the police department.

K-9 training is both intensive and frequent. Arvada's officers and the K-9s not only work and train jointly, but they also live together. Because the pairs spend so much time together, a special bond is formed, which is a tremendous asset when working the streets.

Arvada's K-9s, along with the police dogs from other agencies, have exceptional social skills. The dogs are frequent guests at schools and community meeting to provide demonstrations.