Contractor Licenses and Electrical Registrations

To obtain a license as a registered contractor to work in the City of Arvada :

1.  Fill out Application (ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED)

2.  Provide a copy of: 

  • Current license from tested jurisdictions
  • If you are registering as a electrical or plumbing contractor, a copy of you State of Colorado master's license and state contractors licesne.


  • Test: Individuals wanting to registar as a 1B,2B, 3B, 7M and 9R license need to take a test given by ICC (Contractors Test), please visit for more information.

3.  Submit the application with the original signatures on the second page and the appropriate paper work to the Building Inspection Office with the appropriate fee.


1B Builder's unlimited License  $200.00
2B Builder's License  $150.00
3B Builder's Miscellaneous  License  $  75.00
4B Builder's Sub Contractor License  $  75.00
6P Plumbing License  $  75.00
7M Mechanical License  $  75.00
8D Building Moving License  $  75.00
9R Roofing License  $  75.00
9E Electrical Registration  $    0