Meeting Minutes April 8, 2010

CPAAA Executive Board Meeting

Arvada PD - Ann Campbell Room

Meeting called to order at 6:03P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Nancy Mayer, Gary Busch, Deb Hamilton, Lloyd Ferguson, Joan Campbell, Pat Ferguson

Arvada PD Representative - Pat Claar

Guests - Leona Rude, Karen Graves, Jim Shires (Jeffco)

Secretary's Report - Nancy Mayer for Maureen Tooher - March's minutes reviewed and approved

Treasurer's Report - Nancy Mayer

· March's report - beginning balance of $4,873.2 and ending balance of $4,679.11. Approved.

· Current members paid for 2010 and beyond - 46. Members from 2009 who have not paid current year's dues - 49. Renewal notices to be sent out in next few weeks.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

· Kite Festival set for April 10 (Saturday) 10A to 2P - table and canopy not needed since we'll be using the APD command van.

· May general meeting - changed to WEDNESDAY, May 19, to accommodate board members attending the NCPAA Conference during the week of May 10 - 14. John Doll w/APD will be our speaker and will talk about a cold case.

· September's general meeting speaker will be John Michael Keyes, father of Emily, victim of Platte Canyon High School shooting.

· Two volunteer opportunities are posted on the CPAAA website and are for administrative support at the Police Department.

· The volunteer party is set for Thursday, July 8 at Memorial Park behind the PD. Normalee will sent out "save the date" letters.

· Newsletter articles are due by April 15. Joan will write an article about the upcoming 2nd grade officer appreciation contest.

· Normalee will have business cards printed for Lloyd, Pat and Deb to distribute at NCPAA event.

· Cindy from Thornton's alumni association unable to attend tonight and will reschedule.

Vice-Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson

Hours report - Lloyd will have report for May meeting.

PD Liaison Report - Officer Pat Claar for AJ DeAndrea

May general meeting - Nancy asked for 15 minutes to review 2010 National Conference feedback from Hilton Head and to give update on 2011 Conference planning.

CPAAA Volunteer Task Force - Tabled

Old Business:

· 2010 Event Coordinators - Normalee passed around a list of scheduled events for the remainder of 2010 and asked Board members to sign up as event coordinators. She'll distribute the finalized list at the May board meeting.

New Business:

· Normalee asked Board for ideas on recognizing CPAAA volunteers - stand alone event? - wait 'til year end in order to accumulate more volunteer hours - Nancy will send Normalee some ideas from a previous employer's program.

Upcoming Events:

· April 10 - Kite Festival (Normalee in charge) 10A to 2P

· Fill Up A Can - cancelled

· May 5 - Wednesday - CPA graduation - Gary to bring merchandise - Nancy to bring receipt book - any Board members attending are asked to bring refreshments - cake provided by APD - Normalee to bring CPAAA applications.

· May 22 - Saturday - Arvada PD Car Detailing (Gary)

· May 24 - APD Awards Ceremony and 2nd Grade Officer Appreciation Contest - Joan needs volunteers to take applications to Arvada schools - approximately 27. Will meet after the Board meeting to finalize this. Applications are due back by May 7.

Next Board meeting - WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 6 - 6:45, followed by general meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer for Maureen Tooher, CPAAA Secretary

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