Meeting Minutes, Jan 14, 2010

CPAAA Executive Board Meeting

January 14, 2010

Arvada PD Executive Conference Room

The Meeting was called to order at 6:05pm by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Gary Busch, Joan Campbell, Nancy Mayer, Jentry Kendall, Deb Hamilton

Arvada PD Liaison - Jeff Monzingo

Guests - Kay Rowland, outgoing Treasurer

Treasurer's Report - Nancy Mayer

Outgoing Treasurer, Kay Rowland submitted the Register Report 2009 YTD showing an ending balance for December of $4842.20; report approved. Also submitted was an Audit and Activity Report for 2009. Nancy Mayer proposed the '09 Audit Report be accepted as completed and submitted; all approved.

Nancy Mayer presented a newly formatted membership roster. At the Chair's request and after discussion, the FP and N-A columns will be removed and a Packet Sent column will be added.

Nancy created a CPAAA Check Request form to be used effective immediately; form was approved.

Nancy will call James Woodford to clarify the details of a $127.00 check he sent for dues and clothing items.

Secretary's Report - Maureen Tooher

The December 9, 2009 board meeting minutes, submitted by outgoing Secretary, Nancy Mayer, were approved.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

DNA kits will be passed out by CPAAA at the April 10th Kite Festival

Normalee announced that she will not be able to attend the February Board Meeting and that Vice-Chair, Lloyd Ferguson will Chair that meeting.

The "anti-theft" public awareness sign project, headed by Gary Busch, is in a "wait mode" pending approval of businesses to post the signs on their premises.

The 2010 CPAAA Calendar was reviewed and updates and corrections made.

Future Board Meetings will be held in the Ann Campbell Room; Normalee will inquire about getting a key to insure access.

Kay Rowland will be removed as a check signer. After discussion, it was determined that Maureen Tooher did not have to be added as a check signer at this time since there are now three.

Normalee sent get well cards to Dick Ward and Diana Denker on behalf of CPAAA.

Vice Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson

No report, Lloyd could not attend the meeting.

PD Liaison Report - Sgt. Jeff Monzingo

Our new liaison, Sgt. AJ DeAndrea, could not attend the meeting and Jeff filled in for him.

Jeff announced the March 11th General Meeting Program speakers will be Crime Analysts Dr. Susan Land and Dr. Nora Bensko.

The December 31st pizza deliveries are a big hit with the police department and Jeff asked that CPAAA add three more pizzas to the current total.

Jeff reminded the board that he needs registration forms ASAP for the May '10 National Conference to confirm number of attendees, reserve rooms, etc. Normalee will follow up.

Old Business:

Gary Busch suggested that we present our guest speakers with a certificate of appreciation and a CPAAA pin. All agreed.

New Business:

Officer Christopher Miskimon is in Iraq and we plan to send him a box of goodies and things he'd enjoy to let him know we are thinking of him. Chris' Anniversary/Appreciation card will be included in the box. Normalee will check with his wife for suggested items and will also research what is allowed and bring that info to the March 11th board meeting.

Upcoming Events:

Officer Appreciation Banquet; Normalee asked someone to write an article and she'll follow up.

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, February 11th from 6 - 7:30pm in the Ann Campbell Room

Meeting adjourned at 7:09pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Maureen Tooher

CPAAA Secretary