Meeting Minutes, Mar 11, 2010

CPAAA Executive Board Meeting

March 11, 2010

Arvada PD - Ann Campbell Room

Meeting called to order at 6:04P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Nancy Mayer, Gary Busch, Deb Hamilton, Lloyd Ferguson, Joan Campbell, Pat Ferguson, Jentry Kendall

Arvada PD Representative - Pat Claar

Guests - Leona Rude, Barbara Flowers

Secretary's Report -

Nancy Mayer for Maureen Tooher - February's minutes reviewed and approved

Treasurer's Report - Nancy Mayer

· February's report - beginning balance of $4,848.20 and ending balance of $4,873.20. Approved.

· Current members paid for 2010 and beyond - 43. Members from 2009 who have not paid current year's dues - 52. Nancy will send out reminder notices to these unpaid members in early April. This will give time for March payments to be updated on roster.

· Nancy will provide jacket order updates to Deb when received. Some jacket orders from 2009 were paid for and have not been ordered yet (Kathy Vigil, Susan Garner, Adele Culliton). Nancy and Deb will coordinate records to ensure future orders are placed ASAP.

· Receipt books to be reviewed regularly.

· Cake for STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) event ordered and Marilynn Maring will deliver to PD on 3/17/10.

· Approved reimbursements for March - Pat Ferguson (postage for Iraq mailing), Sportline - apparel order, Nancy Mayer (STAR cake), Arvada PD (Officer Appreciation Cards).

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

· Officer Pat Claar introduced to Board - he will attend future board meetings when AJ is unavailable (Thank you & welcome, Pat!).

· Feedback from first night of Spring Academy - well attended - also provided clarification regarding dress-code comment about jeans in class. Normalee got clarification from Commander Kathy Foos and comment relates to proper attire to be worn if attendees go on a ride-along with PD.

· 2010 Calendar of Events updated (future board meetings in Ann Campbell Room, not Chief's Conference Room - this will prevent need to station someone at doors to let attendees into secure area of Police Department after hours)

· Normalee to provide Joan w/fingerprint card for Boy Scout tours of PD.

· Bicycle Recycling Project - Normalee presented request from Officer Zappa to have Alumni group purchase helmets and locks for recycled bike program sponsored by APD. $250 Approved.

· Normalee read thank-you note from Officer Chris and shared that Chris is coming home soon.

· Save the date! July 8 at 4P - volunteer appreciation event to take place at APD and Chief will be at event. Normalee will send out an email with more information as event gets closer.

· Event coordinators - it was discussed and approved by Board to ask for CPAAA event coordinators from general membership. This will provide interested members with the opportunity to lead an event including recruiting volunteers, scheduling, communication, etc. First event coming up is Kite Festival and Normalee will share info at tonight's general meeting.

Vice-Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson

Hours report - Lloyd will round the hours for the 2010 report to quarter-hour increments (.25, .50, .75). Report shows 1 project so far in 2010+, along with two board meetings for a total of 46.4 hours. Jentry is not listed on report - Lloyd to fix and update.

PD Liaison Report - Officer Pat Claar for AJ DeAndrea

May general meeting and topic ideas - Nancy asked for 15 minutes to review 2010 National Conference feedback from Hilton Head (to take place 5/10 to 5/13). Board members are asked to send ideas to Normalee who will forward to AJ for review.

CPAAA Volunteer Task Force - Due to general meeting to take place tonight (in about 15 minutes) Gary and Normalee will provide updates at next meeting.

Old Business:

· Ongoing - 2011 NCPAA Conference - Deb and Joan have already had a preliminary meeting with Nancy regarding Opening and Closing Ceremonies. They asked for volunteers and Gary Busch will help. Next meeting scheduled for later in March.

· Current Academy - if any Board member would like to attend a Wednesday class, please feel free to do so. Representation from Board should be quite helpful in recruiting new members! Don't forget to report your hours to Lloyd.

New Business:

  • April 10 - Kite Festival - 10A to 2P. Normalee will share details at general meeting tonight and ask for volunteers and event coordinator. Nancy has canopy and table and will bring to next meeting. Normalee will also send out email to members.
  • May 22 - Joan - 2nd Annual 2nd Grade Officer Appreciation Program for Arvada schools is scheduled and she will coordinate this event again. Leona will help. $20 per winning student entry - approved by Board.

· Joan shared that Cindy with the Thornton alumni group would like help from CPAAA Board on such topics as maintaining an alumni group, motivating members, choosing events. Joan will invite Cindy to April board meeting. Board approved extending meeting time until 8P to provide Cindy ample time to ask her questions.

Upcoming Events:

· April 15 - Newsletter articles due to Normalee.

· April 18 to 24 - National Volunteer week (tabled until April 8 meeting).

· April 30 - Newsletter to be published and posted on website.

Next Board meeting - Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 6P - Ann Campbell Room.

Meeting adjourned at 6:48P.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer for Maureen Tooher, CPAAA Secretary