Meeting Minutes: October 2010

CPAAA Executive Board Meeting

October 14, 2010

Arvada PD - Ann Campbell Room

The Meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by Normalee Lee.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Nancy Mayer, Maureen Tooher, Deb Hamilton, Lloyd Ferguson, Pat Ferguson, Joan Campbell, Diana Denker, Jentry Kendall

Guests: Marilynn Maring and Leona Rude

Arvada PD Representative: Sgt. Ann DiVirgilio

Secretary's Report - Maureen Tooher

Nancy Mayer made a motion to approve the 9/9/10 minutes. The motion was seconded by Joan Campbell and the minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report - Nancy Mayer

Nancy reported a current paid membership roster of 79.

Nancy submitted a financial report with a September ending balance of $4221.53. Deb Hamilton made a motion to approve the report. Lloyd Ferguson seconded the motion and the financial report was approved and will be included in the next CPAAA Newsletter.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

Normalee reported that Judy Slivensky will be leaving her job with the APD at the end of year. In appreciation for all that Judy has done to support CPAAA, Normalee suggested we recognize her at the Murder Mystery Dinner on 10/28/10. Nancy made a motion that CPAAA present Judy with a $50 gift certificate from PetsMart or Target along with a card. The motion was approved and Joan Campbell volunteered to pick up both cards and bring them to the dinner. Sgt. DiVirgilio suggested a fun "kitty litter" cake for Judy since she loves cats and Deb Hamilton agreed to get the recipe from Ann and bring the cake to the Murder Mystery Dinner.

Normalee reminded everyone of the upcoming General Meeting and annual election on 11/11/10 in the Ann Campbell Room at 7:00pm. After the election, Sgt. DiVirgilio has some off-site activities planned for the attendees.

Vice Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson

Lloyd Ferguson had nothing new to report at this time.

PD Liaison's Report - Sgt. Ann DiVirgilio

Ann reported that the APD has been very busy, more than usual, for the last few months. She has graciously taken on the assignment of putting together the "Crime Scene" segment of the Murder Mystery Dinner on October 28th. The board members concurred that everyone seems to enjoy a case with some challenge, lots of details and a bit of gore.

After the annual election on 11/11, Sgt. DiVirgilio has arranged for the attendees of the meeting to play with a few APD toys - radar gun, license plate reader and low jack. This will take place at 62nd and Wadsworth at approximately 7:30pm.

2011 National Conference Update - Nancy Mayer

"We're still going forward" Nancy reported.

Due to funding issues, she had to terminate the relationship with the national committee. Jeffco does not have the $15,000 to pay for the airfare, hotel and expenses requested for and by the national board members.

There are approximately 60 volunteers helping with the May 2011 conference and Nancy was pleased to announce that Adams County is now actively involved with the event.

Joan Campbell, a national board member, stated that the NCPAA would be having their own 13th annual conference next spring.

Opening/Closing Ceremony at 2011 Conference in Golden

Joan Campbell reported that Miss Colorado will be participating and there will be a slide show of Colorado sights provided by Channel 8 accompanied by John Denver instrumental music.

Deb Hamilton has arranged for Joe Black Wolf to give a blessing and smudging at the opening. To hold with tradition, Jeffco CA3 will give him a gift of tobacco.

Old Business:

Normalee will send an e-mail to all members with the write up about the upcoming elections as an attachment. She will also mention the elections at the Murder Mystery dinner on 10/28.

Marilynn Maring reported that she has received 26 reservations for the Murder Mystery Dinner. Nancy and Normalee will attend the next CPA session on 10/20 to personally invite the class attendees to the dinner.

New Business:

Leona and George Rude attended the CSI Conference and reported that the classes were very interesting and enjoyable. There were approximately 120 attendees from all over the state; Joan Campbell also attended the conference.

It was agreed that a new column should be added to the newsletter: Volunteer Hours. The activities and hours will be listed but not the individual names of the volunteers.

Moving the General Meetings to a Saturday versus Thursday evening was discussed and all agreed to leave it on the current Thursday evening schedule.

A motion to contribute $250 toward Arvada/Wheatridge Service Ambassador Senior and Middle School Scholarships was made by Deb Hamilton and seconded by Nancy Mayer; all approved.

The CPA graduation is on Wednesday, 11/3 and CPAAA will do some recruiting for the organization. Nancy will give a Power Point presentation about the alumni association and Pat and Lloyd will bring CPAAA merchandise to sell to the graduates.

Upcoming Events:

Shred-a-thon on 10/16/10 (13 volunteers have signed up)

Murder Mystery Dinner on 10/28/10

CPA Graduation on 11/3

Board Member Elections on 11/11/10

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, November 11th at 6:00pm in the Ann Campbell Room.

Meeting adjourned at 7:23pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Maureen Tooher

CPAAA Secretary

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