Meeting Minutes, September 2010

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CPAAA Executive Board Meeting

September 9, 2010

Arvada PD - Ann Campbell Room

The Meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by Normalee Lee.

In Attendance: Board Members - Normalee Lee, Nancy Mayer, Maureen Tooher, Deb Hamilton, Lloyd Ferguson, Pat Ferguson, Jentry Kendall and guest, Marilyn Maring.

Arvada PD Representative: Sgt. AJ DeAndrea

PD Liaison Report - Sgt. AJ DeAndrea

Due to increased demands in his Internal Affairs position, Sgt. DeAndrea reported that he will be receiving help from Sgt. Ann DiVirgilio and others with the October 28, 2010 Murder Mystery Dinner.

Secretary's Report - Maureen Tooher

The August 12, 2010 minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report - Nancy Mayer

Nancy reported that Deb Hamilton was unable to cancel the last order she placed for CPAAA apparel because the supplier had it in process. Nancy suggested that the current $22.75 price for each shirt be raised to $25.00 but Jentry Kendall reminded everyone that CPAAA cannot make a profit if we are not a 5013c organization.

Nancy reported a current paid membership of 79 and that members from 2009 were removed from the roster.

Nancy submitted a financial report with an ending balance of $4146.53; the financial report was approved and will be included in the next CPAAA Newsletter.

Chair's Report - Normalee Lee

The Arvada Search Team is "up and going" along with a new logo and cap.

Target time frame for the Bike Rodeo is spring 2011.

The Night Vision Monocular fundraising project is on hold for the time being. The current retail value for this equipment is approximately $636 each but Bob Tarnow, who sells law enforcement equipment, may be able to reduce that amount significantly.

Vice Chair's Report - Lloyd Ferguson

Lloyd didn't bring the August 2010 CPAAA Volunteer Hours report to the meeting and will e-mail them to the board members by the weekend.

2011 National Conference Update - Nancy Mayer

The fundraising event at Three Sons Italian Restaurant on 8/24 made $200 for Jeffco CA3. There was a misunderstanding and only 10% of the proceeds of those who "declared themselves" as part of the fundraising event were donated to Jeffco CA3 versus the "total" proceeds received by the restaurant between 6 and 9pm.

It was agreed that we should do this fundraiser again now knowing that we need at least 80 "ordering people" to make this financially successful for Jeffco CA3.

Old Business:

Maureen Tooher, with Nancy Mayer's assistance, did a write up regarding the November 11th board member elections to be published in the next CPAAA Newsletter. A copy will also be sent to each board member via e-mail.

Due to this meeting's time constraints, the Amazing Alumni Recognition program that was suggested by Nancy Mayer was "tabled" for a future board meeting.

New Business:

Due to current job obligations, Sgt. DeAndrea indicated that he may not be able to participate in the Car Detailing on September 18th.

Jentry requested some CPAAA financial assistance for refreshments at the car detailing and $25 was approved.

Meeting guest, Marilyn Maring, is coordinating the annual Murder Mystery Dinner on 10/28. She asked the board members if they thought costumes would be appropriate at the event and all agreed "no". All agreed that a sheet cake and raffle, as done in the past, were good ideas. Board members will also bring 2 or 3 items to be used in a silent auction that evening.

The board did approve a $5 increase for each dinner which brings the individual cost to $25 for members. Marilyn also requested assistance with decorating about an hour or so prior to the event. Normalee, Nancy, Maureen, and Joan Campbell agreed to help with that task.

Upcoming Events:

Newsletter articles due on 9/15/10

Car detailing on 9/18/10

Shred-a-thon on 10/16/10

Murder Mystery Dinner on 10/28/10

Board Member Elections on 11/11/10

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, October 14th at 6:00pm in the Ann Campbell Room.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Maureen Tooher

CPAAA Secretary

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