Memorial Park Improvement Project Underway

UPDATE, April, 2014:

Memorial Park Update
As of mid-April, Memorial Park is approximately 70 percent complete. The Ralston Creek trail has been rerouted and the new disc park is being constructed, with tee pads and disc goals being installed next; the low water crossings for the disc park across Ralston Creek are complete. On the south side of the park, the "skate spot" has been completed with irrigation and shrub plantings to follow. Also on the south side of the park, the basketball court with one basket has been installed. A new swing set has been installed with concrete playground edge and new playground surfacing. Construction is continuing on the playground to comply with the ADA access requirements for the swings.

These improvements are directly related to public input received after a series of neighborhood meetings. The main part of the project is expected to be completed by the end of May, weather permitting; however, budget constraints require seeding the grass as opposed to putting in sod, so the disc park will not open until the grass is established. That will be closer to midsummer.

October, 2013

Residents around Memorial Park and members of the disc golf community have something to celebrate! The redesign of Memorial Park is underway with the completion date anticipated in Spring 2014.

During construction Ralston Creek Trail is closed between Carr Street and Olde Wadsworth Boulevard.  Bicycle and Pedestrian detours have been provided. Two bicycle/pedestrian detour routes are in place. One detour route will use Brooks Drive. The other detour route will use West 59th Avenue. Also closed during construction is the Disc Golf feature of Memorial Park. The City of Arvada Bird's Nest Disc Golf course located at 17925 West 64th Parkway is available for play! These closures will remain in place until March, 2014.  If you have any questions, please contact the City of Arvada Parks Division at 720-898-7400.

The design of the Memorial Park improvement project came with significant public input including a series of neighborhood events and meetings with the goal of identifying critical neighborhood issues. One of the most significant issues of concern to the neighborhood was the growing tension between park users and the disc golfers in sharing space at Memorial Park.

With a conceptual design created, the Britina Design Group was then hired to obtain additional public input and produce the final design and construction drawings for the park in the spring of 2013. A questionnaire was provided to park users and three open houses were held to finalize the design which included the design of a new disc golf course. A separate meeting was held with the disc golf community to address the new design for the disc golf course. Upon completion of all the meetings, the park plan was finalized, the construction drawings were completed and the project was put out to bid.

Arrow J Landscape will serve as the developer of this project. With over 30 years of experience in commercial landscape construction, they have won numerous awards and endorsements from the municipal, school district and private concerns. Recent Arvada projects completed by Arrow J Landscape include Russell Park in the Village of Five Parks Development, Robby Ferrufino Park and numerous other City Park and Irrigation projects.

Funding for the project comes from Federal Community Development Block Grant funds ($400,000) and the remainder of the funding will come from City Conservation Trust Funds (Lottery.)

The first phase of the renovation project incorporates a one acre parcel of land that was purchased by the City and will bring some noticeable differences including playground improvements, relocation of the Ralston Creek Trail and relocation of a new basketball court and skate spot to the south side of the park in a more visible location from the street. The Memorial Park project also includes a new disc golf course re-designed to reduce park conflicts and two low water crossings as a part of the new disc park project. Finally the project will include new landscaping, grading and irrigation improvements.

While weather can always impact a project’s end date, crews have already been working for weeks to meet a Spring 2014 deadline. Just in time for summer, look for a new and improved Memorial Park!


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