National Telecommunicators' Week Celebrated

They are the first voices you hear when you call for police service. They also serve as a critical lifeline for officers as they patrol the streets of Arvada. "They" are the dispatchers who serve in the Communications Center of the Arvada Police Department.

More than 200,000 calls came into the Arvada Police Department in 2010. While some of the calls resulted in referrals to other agencies or non-emergency situations, many involved critical incidents.

This year's National Telecommunicators' Week is April 10-16 and is a time to celebrate the heroes who serve as emergency services dispatchers.

"Members of the Communications Center provide a vital link between the public and police officers," said Vicki Pickett who is the manager of the Dispatch Center. "Communications specialists are trained extensively to respond to both emergency and non-emergency situations quickly, while considering the safety of both citizens and responding officers. I am proud to work alongside this very talented group of individuals who are committed to the community through their exceptional service."

As part of the week-long celebration to honor emergency services dispatchers, members of Arvada's Communications Center will attend a banquet in their honor to celebrate their service.

Arvada Dispatcher Susan O'Brien will be recognized at the banquet for her efforts to provide 911 education and information to students attending Arvada schools.