Neighborhood Improvement Program

The City of Arvada is a picturesque city located along the foothills of the Colorado Front Range. One of the City's primary goals is to stabilize and revitalize the City's diverse neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Improvement Program initiative is designed to work with neighborhood and community groups to improve neighborhood relations, build communication, and implement neighborhood programs and improvements throughout the City.


Coordinate neighborhood organizations by:

  • Facilitating the formation of active neighborhood groups and community involvement
  • Working with neighbors to become empowered and develop neighborhood goals and implementation projects
  • Register active neighborhood groups throughout the City
  • Provide training and support to strengthen neighborhood leadership
  • Host Neighborhood Forums: The City of Arvada will be hosting quarterly neighborhood forums to share information with neighborhood groups about City programs and to help identify and address neighborhood needs and to include presentations on communication development (such as developing a neighborhood website, Facebook page or program). The first neighborhood forum will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. February 20, 2014, at Mile High Vineyard Church, 5445 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, Arvada.

Administer the Neighborhood Grant Program: 

  • Know Your Neighbor Grants: Apply beginning January 1, 2014
    These small grants are for improving neighborhood relations/communication and are intended to facilitate people getting to know one another. Neighbors may apply for $100 grants for such things as block parties, event kick-offs, neighborhood clean ups, holiday celebrations or other functions involving the building of connections between neighbors. The Know Your Neighbor Grants may be applied for at any time in 2014 and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until the allocated funding is depleted. 2014 applications available here.
  • Neighborhood Improvement Grants: Apply Now – Cycle closes March 24, 2014
    These grants are for more substantial projects which may include physical improvements, programs or activities. Grants may be award for up to $10,000 each. These types of projects must involve neighbors working together and a match by neighbors of at least 25% of project cost, with a portion of the match being provided in the form of donated labor for the project or some other approved community service.  Neighborhood Improvement Grant applications are now being accepted and are due on or before March 24, 2014. It is anticipated that grants will be awarded to grant recipients in May 2014.  Neighborhood Improvement Grant applicants are required to schedule a pre-application conference with Arvada Planning before submitting their final application. 2014 applications available here.


Additional information can be obtained by calling the City of Arvada Community Development Department at 720-898-7435 or by contacting the Neighborhood Program Coordinators listed below:

Linda Hoover 720-898-7454 or

Kevin Nichols 720-898-7464 or