Task Force

Fellow CPAAA members:

Norma Lee (Chairperson CPAAA) and I have had several discussions over the past six  months regarding the future direction of CPAAA.

Last month we sat down with Chief Wick and discussed the upcoming budget cuts and his vision of de-centralization the Arvada Police Department. We all agreed that CPAAA members are a valued and potential resource to help with these challenges and haven't been utilized in the past as they could have been.

We have decided to form a task force of CPAAA members to meet with Chief Wick and his command staff on a monthly basis and explore the needs & vision of the APD and match them to the interests of CPAAA members.

This is for current and future planning. We're looking at one Wednesday every month (all his command staff meets on that day) with a time to be determined possibly 7:30 AM--8:30AM

Norma Lee and I are asking if you have any interests in joining us on this task force that you e-mail us with you thoughts ideas and your general availabilities.

If your not able or interested in participating on the task force ,we'd still appreciate your ideas or thoughts

Thanks in advance for your consideration in help us with this project to plan the future of CPAAA