November 2009 General Membership Meeting

CPAAA General Membership & Elections Meeting

November 11, 2009

Arvada City Council Chambers

Meeting called to order at 7:00P by Normalee Lee, Chair.

Normalee introduced the CPAAA Board Members in attendance and reminded all attendees to please sign the roster. She gave a brief overview of the website (calendar, bylaws, newsletters, Board meeting minutes). She also asked everyone to please grab their name tags. She will be printing these for all new and renewing members and they'll be available at general meetings. She's also going to try to get these nametags to everyone with their new and renewing membership letters.

Normalee introduced some new members in attendance - Carol Thompson, Susan Garner, Jeff Watnemo. She also reminded all attendees to please provide her with their email addresses for faster and more efficient notification of upcoming events.

Gary Busch collected 2010 dues and renewals and also sold some shirts and hats.

Normalee distributed sign-up sheets for numerous volunteer opportunities with the Arvada PD (help needed in Records - requires a polygraph and background check, greeters needed, folks needed to post signs around Arvada warning citizens of car breakins and coyote awareness.) Karen Graves, Volunteer Coordinator will provide logistics (days, dates, times, responsibilities) to anyone who signs up. Other opportunities included Lighting Up The Holidays, Ralston House,

2010 Elections:

Normalee introduced candidates for open positions on CPAAA Board -

Vice-Chair Lloyd Ferguson

Treasurer Nancy Mayer

Director Gary Busch

Director Jentry Kendall

Director Barbara Flowers (Pat Ferguson spoke on behalf of Barbara)

Normalee distributed ballots. Ballots tallied by Sgt. Jeff Monzingo. Results:

Vice-Chair Lloyd Ferguson

Treasurer Nancy Mayer

Directors Gary Busch & Jentry Kendall.

Normalee explained the appointment process. A new secretary will be appointed to complete the second year of Nancy's two-year term since she was elected to the Treasurer position.

Guest Speaker - Susan Medina, Public Information Officer for the Arvada Police Department.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy R. Mayer, CPAAA Secretary