Parking Surfaces

All off-street parking spaces are required to be improved with asphalt, concrete, or other approved equivalent surface.


E.    Surface of Parking Areas.  All off-street parking spaces required by §6.16.1.B and all access drives shall be improved with asphalt, concrete, or other approved equivalent surface, and shall be graded and drained in order to dispose of all surface water accumulation within the parking area.  Recycled asphalt, gravel, or other similar surfaces are not an approved surface.  Pavers may be permitted if installed on sand and provided the installation is sufficient to support vehicles.  All alleys shall meet City design specifications.

                1. Access Drive Exception.  The surfacing requirements above shall not apply to the access drives on lots or tracts of three-quarters (3/4) acre or more where the property structure is a single-family home and the access drive is more than 100 feet in length, or the access drive is for an accessory agricultural use.

                      a.  The length of the access drive shall be measured from the nearest point of street access to the nearest point of the off-street parking spaces required by §6.16.1.B.

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