Parks Update, March 2015

Arvada Equestrian Arena

Arvada Equestrian Arena
7650 Indiana Street
Arvada, CO 80007


Griffith Station and Britton Parks: Both parks are currently under construction with the projected completion date for both parks by the end of June.

Britton Park is a 6.9 acre site at 69th and Eaton and is approximately 35 percent complete. The park project when completed will contain shelters, two new playgrounds, seating areas taking advantage of the beautiful views,, a large multi-purpose court, walkways featuring a large trail loop around the park, horseshoe pits, new site furniture, a large native grass/wildlife area, sod, pedestrian lighting, irrigation system and landscaping. The project will also include utility and drainage improvements including new curb and gutter and attached sidewalks on 69th and Eaton streets.
Britton Park Concept Plan. Download PDF HERE

Griffith Station Park is a 3.5 acre site at 52nd and Carr Street near the old trolley car route which  is the now the location of the inter urban trail.  The Park  is 45 percent complete. The Griffith Station project design follows the historic rail  theme.  When completed the park will contain shelters, a large themed playground, trails, a multi-purpose court, seating areas, site furniture, pedestrian lighting, irrigation system, walkways, horseshoe pits and landscaping. The project will also include utility and drainage improvements including new curb and gutter along Carr Street with attached walkway which will connect the new park to the Inter Urban Trail which provides additional access to the park from surrounding neighborhoods. 
Griffith Station Concept Plan. Download PDF HERE



Playground Equipment Replaced in Older Parks


On March 3, City Council acted on a resolution that lead to the replacement of five playgrounds: Bridgeside Park, Homestead Park, Ladybug Park, Lew Walsh Park and Yankee Doodle Park. The Yankee Doodle Park playground is the oldest playground in the city and was constructed in 1989.


Examples of new playground equipment


New Parks Generated by Residential Development

Leyden Rock Development: Lookout Park (nearing completion), Daybreak Park (design completed no schedule for construction yet) and West Ridge Park (design completed no schedule for construction yet).

Whisper Creek Development: Whisper Creek Park (60% completed, completion in 2015) and Panorama Park (100 percent of first phase of construction done. No schedule yet on the second phase).

Candelas Development: Sarah George Park (construction completed), Cimarron Park (construction completed), Maverick Mesa Park (construction 50% completed), Haystack Plateau Park (75 % of the design completed), Church's Crossing Park (construction 80% completed).

For more information, please contact our Parks Department 720-898-7400.