Police Substation Closes

After 10 years of operation, the Ralston COPS substation at 9555 Ralston Rd. has closed its doors. 

“We are always reviewing our budget to ensure police operations are in concert with our department’s business plan, and it was recently decided to absorb the Ralston COPS function to the City Hall location where the same services are currently being provided,” said Deputy Chief Gary Creager. 

“We especially want to thank Rich Domenico who is the owner of the building that housed Ralston COPS for the past decade,” said Deputy Chief Creager. “Because of his generosity in providing the office space at a nominal fee, the Ralston COPS facility has been utilized to assist thousands of citizens with their police-related needs over the years.” 

Ralston COPS officially closed on July 1, 2009.

If you need to file a police report, have fingerprint cards made or obtain police information, you should visit the Arvada Police Department at 8101 Ralston Rd. 

In addition to the assistance provided by Police Service Technicians at the Arvada Police Department, citizens can also access www.arvadapd.org to report certain crimes online in addition to submitting questions to officers and learning of crime news and crime prevention information.