Public Comment

Regular meetings and study sessions include specifically designated times for citizens to make comments on matters, which are not the topic of a public hearing. At the first designated public comment period such public comment shall be limited to three (3) minutes per item per speaker. The presiding officer shall have the discretion to determine whether the order of speakers shall be any Arvada citizen first and then any other person. Those individuals who require more time shall be allowed to speak just prior to adjournment.

Each speaker will be required to fill out a "speaker's form" indicating whether they wish to comment on an item appearing on the agenda. The presiding officer shall organize the speaker's forms and call upon each speaker at the appropriate time. The presiding officer may determine that the public comment portion of the agenda shall be moved to the end of the agenda just prior to adjournment, in the event the number of speakers will not allow for the timely transaction of business at the 6:30 p.m. session or, in the case of a study session, the number of speakers is greater than seven.

If you plan to speak during either Public Comment period and have a media presentation, such as slides, video, PowerPoint, etc., you must have your presentation reviewed and approved ahead of time by the KATV, Channel 8, staff. This will ensure that the presentation is of broadcast quality and will be of value to both city council and viewers at home. Typically, presentations are reviewed on Thursday afternoon prior to the City Council meeting at which you wish to speak. You should plan on bringing your video, slides or PowerPoint to City Council chambers between the hours of 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m. KATV staff will be on hand to assist you. IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO CALL THE KATV STAFF PRIOR TO COMING TO CITY HALL TO VERIFY THAT THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE ON A PARTICULAR THURSDAY AFTERNOON. PHONE: 720-898-7520.

Meeting participants, whether members of the council, staff, or public, shall endeavor to conduct their business in a respectful and civil manner. Speakers shall not personally disparage other meeting participants. Diverse views concerning the issues in our community are welcome and shall be treated courteously and fairly. Speakers are expected to keep their remarks to 3 minutes or less, unless they are signed up for the "Longer than three minutes" public comment period. Speakers shall endeavor to avoid repeating points made by previous speakers, instead expressing agreement, if appropriate, and any new information.