Public Hearings

Public Hearings may commence at either 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. given the necessity for and length of a study session item at a regular meeting. The City Clerk in conjunction with the City Manager and City Attorney shall place public hearings on council meeting agendas in accordance with this rule.

Public hearings provide an opportunity for anyone to be heard about a pending ordinance. All those desiring to be heard on a particular issue at a public hearing shall list their names on forms provided by the city clerk, indicating on which side of the issue they wish to speak. The list shall be handed to the presiding officer, who shall have all those so listed to attest, by sworn oath, that all statements and evidence they present shall be the truth.

Each side will be given approximately one hour of time to present their respective positions on the matter. The presiding officer is responsible for directing that the proponents and opponents restrict their presentations within this period or to determine what reasonable time will be given to make a presentation. This will be the total time within which all those desiring to be heard shall be limited. Following the presentations of those in favor and then those opposed, the proponent shall be given a few minutes for rebuttal.

In the event the person(s) representing a respective side of an issue wish(es) to have a question asked of a particular individual, such question shall be directed to the presiding officer. The presiding officer shall determine whether the requested question will be directed to that individual. The presiding officer shall refrain from directing any requested question which, the presiding officer in his/her sole discretion, determines is immaterial, irrelevant, redundant, or is for the purpose of embarrassing an individual.

When all discussion on the issue has been heard, the presiding officer will declare the hearing closed. If any council member wishes more information from any individual who has spoken at the hearing, the council member may, with the consent of the presiding officer, pose the question to that individual either through the presiding officer or directly, and the response will be limited to the answer to the question as stated.

If you plan to speak during a public hearing and have a media presentation, such as slides, video, PowerPoint, etc., you must have your presentation reviewed and approved ahead of time by the KATV, Channel 8, staff. This will ensure that the presentation is of broadcast quality and will be of value to both city council and viewers at home. Typically, presentations are reviewed on Thursday afternoon prior to the City Council meeting at which you wish to speak. You should plan on bringing your video, slides or PowerPoint to City Council chambers between the hours of 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m. KATV staff will be on hand to assist you. IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO CALL THE KATV STAFF PRIOR TO COMING TO CITY HALL TO VERIFY THAT THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE ON A PARTICULAR THURSDAY AFTERNOON. PHONE: 720-898-7520.

Meeting participants, whether members of the council, staff, or public, shall endeavor to conduct their business in a respectful and civil manner. Speakers shall not personally disparage other meeting participants. Diverse views concerning the issues in our community are welcome and shall be treated courteously and fairly. Speakers shall endeavor to avoid repeating points made by previous speakers, instead expressing agreement, if appropriate, and any new information.