Ralston Community Recreation Center


The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community (CLRC), with the support of the Arvada City Council and City Staff, recently completed a survey of recreational needs for the neighborhoods along the central Ralston Road corridor.  The results of that survey were presented at an open meeting held in the Arvada Community Food Bank on July 24, 2013. 
There were more than 300 respondents to the eight-question survey.  What were the top priorities?  Both the outdoor and indoor swimming pool options topped the list by a wide margin, with a workout facility and senior-oriented recreation also having high scores. 
When and where will the new recreation center be built? That has not yet been determined. Currently, there is not enough funding available to build a new recreation center and the City is looking for additional funding sources. As to where the facility is likely to be built, the survey shows that a new center is much more likely to be used if it is easily accessible to people who want to bike, walk or use public transit to get to it. That puts the likely site somewhere near the old Fisher Pool or in the nearby Triangle shopping area.  You can see the full summary report by clicking on the survey results HERE.


Survey collection box at Wolff Park        Resident Chuck Bailey asks a rec center question



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