Ralston Road Corridor Plan January, 2013 Update

POSTED 12/31/2012

In October 2011, City Council directed Staff to modify the 4-Lane Compact (Preferred Concept) shown in the Ralston Road Corridor Plan. The “Modified 4-Lane Compact” has no medians and no on-street parking. Staff was then directed to apply this modified concept to several blocks of Ralston Road and attempt to avoid impacts to buildings.

Staff completed the assignment and presented it to City Council on January 23, 2012. Staff was able to avoid all buildings in the segments studied – from Olde Wadsworth to Allison Street and from Cody Court to Everett Street. The result of this work is referred to as the “Best Fit” of the Modified 4-Lane Compact. Staff also prepared a Sidewalk Only option in the same two reaches. This work is very preliminary as it was conducted on aerial mapping. Additional planning work must be completed to continue with the project.

Property owners in these and other reaches of Ralston Road will be contacted for further planning as part of the conceptual design work.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation and the aerial maps.