Recycling Drop-Off Site Now Open

Recycling Drop-off Site Now Open

The City of Arvada has teamed up with Waste Management to offer a single stream recycling drop-site at 6161 Olde Wadsworth Blvd.  Please park in the designated stalls and do not idle your vehicle while unloading recyclables.  The site is open 24/7.  Below is a list of items that can and cannot be placed in the roll-off. 

Items Allowed Include: Aluminum cans, Steel cans, Tin cans, Pie tins, Aluminum foil, Glass- food/beverage grade only, Magazines, Office Paper, Newspaper, Junk mail, Phone books, Brown paper bags, Envelopes, Paperboard, Cardboard- broken down, Plastics #1-7.

Prohibited Items: Household garbage, Ceramics, Light bulbs, Mirrors, Styrofoam, Motor Oil, Paint, Plastic bags, Liquid

No Grass / Leaf Recycling

Many of you know 6161 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard as the former location of the grass / leaf recycling program.  The grass / leaf program was eliminated in large part by the questionable environmental benefit. While all the material was taken to a compost facility, there were hundreds of people driving to and from the site and over 160 trips each season for the delivery and pick-up of the roll-offs to and from Denver; a definite negative air quality impact. 

However, by promoting the use of a mulching lawn mower and composting the leaves, there are environmental benefits of reduced vehicle trips and the production of a useful soil amendment right at the location were it will be used on your own property.

For more information on the City’s sustainability efforts, call 720-898-7500 or visit