Register Your Cell Or Internet Phone Number to Receive Emergency Notifications

In emergency situations, dispatchers from the Arvada Police Department and Arvada Fire Department call you to relay important information impacting your home or business through your landline phone.

● What if your cell is your only phone service?
● What if you use the internet for your phone service?

In the past, you heard nothing, while those with landline phone numbers heard messages about emergencies, about barricaded gunmen, fires or even schools being in lockdown.

If you're served by the Arvada Police Department or Arvada Fire Department you can register your cell or internet phone number so you too can receive emergency notifications in times of crisis.

Visit to register your cell phone number or internet phone number. It's fast and it's free!

If you're unable to go online to register your information, a dispatcher can help you register your cell or internet phone number.

Call either the Arvada Police Department at 720-898-6900 or the Arvada Fire Protection District at 303-424-3012.

Take these steps now so you'll receive critical information from dispatchers in the future.

Here is a video as well

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