Report a Traffic Complaint

Use the below form to report an unusual traffic situation you witnessed and/or were involved in. Please note: fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required to submit the form. Ongoing neighborhood traffic problems, intentional acts of bad driving, aggressive driving, or other related incidences should be reported by this form. Not every situation warrants this form being used. Large traffic volume, unintentional or inadvertent acts involving driving, traffic delays, and related concerns do not necessarily qualify.

Traffic accidents involving property damage over $1,000 and/or injury in the City of Arvada should be reported immediately to Police at 720-898-6900 or 911.

Reporting minor accidents in Arvada can be done online at within 30 days.

Online accident reporting may be used if the driver(s) of the vehicle(s) involved have been told by a law enforcement official to file a counter report; or, if an accident alert was in effect at the time the accident occurred; or if minor accident occurred on private property. The following conditions must be met to file an online accident report:

  • Damage under $1,000
  • No injuries
  • Vehicles are drivable
  • Parties have insurance
  • No suspicion of alcohol/drug use by driver

The report can be filed using any computer with Internet access. If the citizen does not have a home computer, most local libraries have free Internet access that can be used to file the report. Also, consider the use of any number of "Internet cafés" in the area.