Rubbish and Debris

It is unlawful to accumulate rubbish and debris upon private property including alleys.


Sec. 18-421.  I.P.M.C. - Section 307.4, Removal of rubbish or garbage.

Section 307.4, Removal of rubbish or garbage,  is hereby added to read as follows: 
"307.4 Removal of rubbish or garbage.  The owner, lessee, tenant or any other person having the right to possession of all or a portion of any premises shall provide for the removal of all rubbish or garbage from the premises at regular intervals. Removal of rubbish or garbage shall occur no less than once every 30 days, or more often if necessary to prevent a nuisance." 
(Ord. No. 4093, § 12, 11-19-2007)