Schwartzwalder Mine

There have been a number of news stories about the Schwartzwalder Mine and potential inflows of uranium containing alluvium from the mine into Ralston Reservoir via Ralston Creek. There are a few important points to keep in mind.

1) Arvada's drinking water is and always has been safe.  Our most recent test indicated a level of 1.2 parts per billion (ppb) which is well below the State safe standard of 30 ppb.

2) Even if the water entering the treatment plant had a higher than satisfactory level of uranium, the water treatment process effectively deals with uranium.

3) We are changing procedure from a quarterly test for uranium to a monthly test.

4) Now that the report from the Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety has been made public, there will be more significant pressure placed on the mine operator and other agencies to accelerate cleanup of the Schwartzwalder mine.

The City will continue to update information on our web site regarding this situation.

Ralston Reservoir feeds the Ralston Water treatment plant and the Arvada/Blunn Reservoir. The Arvada/Blunn Reservoir feeds the Arvada treatment plant which operates only during peak water consumption months, May through October.