Spring Is Baby Wildlife Season!

With the onset of spring comes many phone calls to the City's Animal Management Division regarding wildlife issues and concerns. Most questions can be dealt with over the phone. Staff provides advice and education to homeowners about the natural behaviors of wild animals that live in our community.

Many calls concern baby birds, particularly if a young bird is on the ground. Frequently, however, the bird is learning how to fly. Baby birds spend quite a bit of time on the ground before they perfect their flying skills; the mother is close by, protecting and feeding the baby. It is a myth that a baby bird's mother will not accept the bird if it has been touched by a human; it is perfectly fine to place a baby bird back in its nest if the location of the nest is known.

The Animal Management Unit is dedicated to enhancing educational projects that will help citizens understand and live with our urban wildlife neighbors. There are a number of "common sense" approaches that are recommended to reduce conflicts, including the following:

  • Do not put out trash prior to the morning of your trash pick-up day.
  • Do not feed your pets outside.
  • Cover window wells.
  • Screen fireplace chimneys and furnace, attic and dryer vents.
  • Fence gardens and cover fruit trees.

For more specific information, call Arvada's Info to Go line at (720)898- 7850, the Colorado Division of Wildlife at (303)291-7541, or Arvada Animal Management at (720)898-6850.

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