Council Approves Sustainability Plan

(Arvada, CO) – Arvada City Council approved the Sustain Arvada Plan on February 6, 2012.  Sustain Arvada is a way of honoring Arvada’s rich heritage and preserving our resources to foster economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and community vitality today and into the future. 

In Arvada, as in many places, both present and future generations will benefit from a more thoughtful approach to our use of water, energy and other resources.  Those resources will become in greater demand as populations grow even as we work to assess impacts to our air quality, atmosphere, and water resources from past and current practices. 

The goal of sustainability planning is to achieve wiser stewardship of our resources to enhance long-term environmental and economic health in ways that will allow current and future Arvada community members to lead healthy, productive and prosperous lives.  The plan contains broad goals involving six topic areas including: Community Vitality/Agriculture, Energy, Land Use, Transportation, Waste and Water.

The Sustain Arvada Plan is the product of almost two years of hard work by the Arvada Sustainability Advisory Committee appointed by City Council.  During the past two years the Committee surveyed the community, collected data, researched best practices and ultimately determined voids in sustaining the Arvada into the future.   The goals in the Plan are a result of those voids.   Next steps include creating action items, prioritizing those actions and making recommendations to City Council.

“Arvada has always been mindful of conserving resources as a result of its agricultural history and this Plan will enhance and further those efforts,” said Jessica Prosser, sustainability coordinator for the City of Arvada.

To view the complete plan visit In addition, a map of all of the recent Sustain Arvada Projects can also be found as the abovementioned website.