Teen Court Defendant Information


  • This is your first offense
  • You are 10-17 years old
  • You were charged with a crime listed under eligible offenses
  • You did not receive more than one charge
  • You received a letter in the mail before your arraignment stating that you are eligible. 



 Teen Court may be right for you if:

  • You want to be sentenced by a magistrate panel or jury of your peers, rather than an adult
  • You want to avoid having a juvenile conviction on your record (through a deferred judgement)
  • You would like to present witnesses and evidence and have your case heard by your peers.



 What you should consider:

  • Teen Court requires that you return to be sentenced on a Wednesday evening, 2-4 weeks after you are originally seen in Court.
  • A parent or guardian MUST appear with you.
  • Your sentence may be lighter or it may be more harsh than one given by the Judge.
  • You are giving up your right to have an adult attorney try your case.