'Tis the Season for Scams

While anytime of year is the ‘right time’ of year for bad people to take advantage of residents in our community, summer seems to yield all sorts of schemes and scams to bilk people of their hard earned money.

For example, Arvada has seen a group travel door-to-door indicating the police and fire departments require residents to paint their address on the curb.

While it is the residents’ choice to have the company paint the street number on the curb, it IS NOT required by the police and fire departments to ensure emergency service.

These misrepresentations are not illegal, as it is a ‘buyer beware situation.’

We ask residents to call police if they are unsure about promises and conditions made by sales representatives.

“Better yet, residents should offer ANY door-to-door salesperson a Solicitor Verification form to complete before they talk with someone selling a product or service,” said Senior Liaison Police Officer Don Sikkema.

In another case reported earlier this year, an Arvada resident was contacted by a door-to-door salesperson who said he needed a drink of water. When she let him into her home, another person slipped into the home and stole cash and medications.

“No matter how trustworthy someone might seem, never let a stranger inside your home,” said Commander Aaron Jacks of the Arvada Police Department.

Sadly, crooks are always thinking of new and inventive ways to take advantage of our good-hearted citizens.

Click the link on this page for the Solicitor Verification form.