Transportation Implementation Committee

The Transportation Implementation Committee (TIC) advises the City Council in the selection and implementation of major transportation projects, with the goals of improving traffic flow, safety, quality of life, and emergency response time in the community.

The TIC has identified seven City of Arvada road projects as the top transportation priorities for Arvada. The 2001 estimated costs of these projects are approximately $130 million, and there are currently no funds set aside to complete any of the projects. The projects are:

  • W. 64th Avenue from Kendrick to Easley, widen to 4 lanes with center median
  • Ward Road from W. 72nd Avenue to W. 86th Parkway, construct a new 4 lane arterial roadway with a underpass at the railroad tracks
  • Simms Street from W. 64th Avenue to W. 72nd Avenue, complete 2 lane (1 lane each direction) with center turn lane and sidewalks
  • Ward Road from W. 64th Avenue to W. 72nd Avenue, complete the four lane arterial roadway
  • W. 72nd Avenue from Kipling to McIntrye Street, widen to 4 lanes with a center median and an underpass at the railroad crossing
  • W. 80th Avenue from Kipling to Alkire, widen to 4 lanes with a center median and overpass at the railroad crossing
  • Quaker Street from W. 72nd Avenue to Leyden Road, complete the minor arterial roadway with one lane each direction, turn lanes and sidewalks


In 2002, on the advise of the committee, City Council referred an item to the ballot that would have raised the City sales tax by .45% and allowed the city to issue bonds to fund projects on W. 72nd Avenue between Kipling and Ward, W. 80th Avenue between Kipling and Alkire and the City's portion of the funds for the improvements on the Wadsworth Bypass and the Burlington Northern Railroad and Grandview Avenue. This issue was defeated by the voters.