Trees Across Arvada

Each year Trees Across Arvada offers Arvada residents the opportunity to purchase low cost shade trees.  “Trees Across Arvada” is a program of the Colorado Tree Coalition, a nonprofit statewide organization dedicated to preserving, renewing and enhancing Colorado’s community forests.  The trees, mostly low to moderately low water demand varieties, are 3-12 feet tall and up to 1.50 inches in diameter. Tree cost ranges from $30 to $85. Balled & burlaped, bare root and air-pruned container trees are available. First year survival rates average 90-95%; survival rate after four years averages 75%. 


Dates to Remember:

  • Tree orders and full payment are due by December 31, 2014
  • Orders cannot be cancelled after January 1, 2015
  • Tree distribution is mid-April, 2015


For more information or to order trees, please contact: or call 303-421-3206


Trees help us by:

  •     cooling our neighborhoods in summer with shade and transpiration
  •     cleaning the air of pollution by catching particulates on their leaves
  •     turning carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe
  •     slowing down storm drainage flooding
  •     reducing water consumption of plants protected by their shade
  •     lowering summer utilities by shading
  •     adding value to our property
  •     planting trees improves our quality of life