Update Water Treatment Plant

Link to 9News Special Report: Quality of Arvada's Water


UPDATE 9/16/13 - While water users may notice a change in appearance and odor of their water, the water continues to meet all State, Federal and EPA standards. If there is a change of status, we will provide an update to all users.


Friday, September 13 - At approximately 3:00 AM on September 12, 2013, heavy rains carried a larger than normal amount of sediment into Ralston Reservoir. The City of Arvada’s Ralston Water Treatment Plant was taking water directly from Ralston Reservoir at this time and a higher than normal amount of sediment was carried into the treatment plant. This excessive sediment increased a measure of cloudiness known as turbidity in Arvada’s treated water. Turbidity has no health effects. 


At this time no action needs to be taken by water users to ensure the water is safe. No boil water or bottled water advisory has been issued, and Arvada’s water customers may continue to use tap water from Arvada’s distribution system. 


All test results at the Arvada Ralston Water Treatment Plant have remained normal and indicate the water is safe to use. Additional testing will be continually conducted within the distribution system to ensure that water in the system is safe to use.


For more information, contact the City of Arvada Water Quality at 720-898-7802; 8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002.