US 36 Commuter Incentives

US 36 Commuter Incentives

Save Money on Your Commute with US 36 Commuter Incentives

As part of the US 36 Express Lanes Project and other funding sources, 36 Commuting Solutions is implementing commuter resources and subsidies to reduce the number of solo drivers and increase the use of transit, vanpooling and telework.

Join us to give your new commute option a try via the following subsidies and programs:



Are you interested in boosting your company’s productivity? Do you believe that your employees time is better spent working than commuting?

Learn more about telework benefits via quarterly “TeleWorkshops” taking place throughout the US 36 corridor. You will attain tools and information to fully implement a telework program within your organization.

In addition, $2,500 is available for financial assistance to establish new telework programs, including hardware, software or policy development for your business. To apply for these funds please fill out and return this application.



Vanpools are  particularly effective for groups of 5 to 15 people with similar commutes that travel distances of 15 miles+ to and from work. Vanpool participants are provided with a van to use for your commute and in return pay a monthly fee that covers the costs of the van, fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Vanpool subsidy: 36 Commuting Solutions will provide a three-month reimbursement for new vanpoolers traveling on US 36 in the following format:
- 50% off the first month fare
- 30% off the second month
- 20% off the third month

Participants will be asked to complete an application and short survey about your current commute before and after receiving the subsidies.

An example of how these subsidies breakdown into a typical vanpool (five people) costs is below:

Individual subsidy breakdown over three-month period

50% (1st mo.)

30% (2nd mo.)

20% (3rd mo.)

Total subsidy/individual





Once  you have completed your application, please scan and return via email to  (or You will be notified via email on the approval status of your application to receive the subsidy

To learn more about forming your own vanpool, click here.



36 Commuting Solutions wants you to try transit on us!  We want to help US 36 commuters see that transit is a much more viable option than they might think. After completing an application and short survey on your current commute, 36 Commuting Solutions will provide commuters with a FREE RTD 10-Ride Ticketbook (valued at $45 each).

Once  you have completed your application, please scan and return via email to  (or You will be notified via email on the approval status of your application to receive the subsidy


Employer Mini-Grants:

36 Commuting Solutions is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity to foster the use of active transportation at workplaces along the U.S. 36 corridor. We will be distributing up to $10,000 between 2012-2013 for projects and programs which inspire workplace employees to utilize their travel options to driving solo. To qualify for mini-grant funds, businesses must be located int he US 36 corridor and submit an Application for Mini-Grant Funds. Visit the mini-grant webpage to learn more.



36 Prize Riders:

36 Commuting Solutions is bringing back our popular commuter incentive program in 2013!  Between June 1 and August 3, US 36 commuters will have a chance to win awesome prizes when they ride transit. Riding transit allows commuters to use their time more productively and live healthier lifestyles. To make your time riding RTD even more productive, enroll in 36 Prize Riders for your chance to win awesome prizes!  Stay tuned to this summer to learn more!

If you are interested in participating in any of the above workshops or subsidy programs, please email us at, or call 303-604-4383.