W 86th Pkwy at Simms St Traffic Signal Project

POSTED 08/13/2009

UPDATE 08/24/2010

Project Overview:

The intersection of W 86th Pkwy and Simms St has met traffic warrants and will be controlled by a traffic signal for enhanced pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular safety. The project is sponsored by the Jefferson County School District and improve traffic operation for neighborhood students and residents.

Why is the City placing a traffic signal on W 86th Pkwy?

New traffic signals are installed in the City based upon a set of criteria in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. These criteria have been established nationally and have been adopted by the City. The criteria include certain minimum vehicular and/or pedestrian volumes as well as traffic crash experience.

The City of Arvada is committed to improving safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicular traffic. The City reviews intersections that might warrant the installation of a traffic signal every year. The intersections that meet the criteria that would allow the installation of a signal are then prioritized for future construction. The City usually budgets for one new traffic signal per year.

West 86th Parkway is an arterial parkway that connects residential neighborhoods to schools, parks, businesses, and future FasTracks. The City has identified that the intersection of W 86th Pkwy and Simms St meets signal warrants and is working with Jefferson County School District to complete the signal project.

Project Benefits:

Traffic Safety: intersections that meet signal warrants are overburdened by traffic volumes, creating a hazard for minor street pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular movements.

Connectivity: installing a traffic signal enhances the connection between area schools, parks, businesses, and residential neighborhoods to provide safe and efficient bicycle travel.

Project Status:

The project is now complete. For more information about the project, please contact:

Joe Resseguie
Transportation Engineer