Wadsworth Trail Project

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POSTED 8/13/2009



Project Overview:



The project completes a missing link of sidewalk trail along the east side of Wadsworth Blvd between W 72nd Ave and W 80th Ave in Arvada. Constructing the pathway extends the trail system to connect pedestrian and bicycle traffic to area businesses, residential neighborhoods, and recreational sites.

Why is the City extending the pathway along Wadsworth Blvd?

The City of Arvada is committed to completing the city transportation network for all modes of traffic. Wadsworth Blvd is a State Highway (SH-121) and a regional thoroughfare that handles an average of 54,000 trips daily. To ease congestion and create an inviting atmosphere for travelers, the City is enhancing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to promote walking, biking, and bus access for local trips to/from neighborhood businesses, parks, and residential areas.

Project Benefits:

Congestion Relief: developing trails allows the public to walk, bike, and bus to local destinations, therefore reducing congestion on regional highways.

Connectivity: constructing the trail completes the missing link and enhances network connectivity to provide safe and efficient travel using the Arvada trail system.

Environment: a multi-modal transportation corridor promotes transportation alternatives that reduce traffic congestion, energy consumption, and greenhouse gases.

Project Status:

The project is currently in the Design Phase and will be completed and advertised for bid by the Engineering Division of Public Works. For more information about the project, please contact:

Mark Floyd
Project Engineer