Waste Hauling Study Update

Currently, the only option being considered is increase hauler licensing.  For more information please see the notes from the March 1, 2011 Focus Group. 

At the December 13, 2010 study session, the Arvada City Council discussed the waste hauling study that was finished in January of 2011 and clarified their goals, given the strong concerns voiced by trash companies as well as Arvada residents.

The Arvada City Council made it clear that no law or ordinance will be passed or considered for adoption which contradicts any of the following four provisions:  1) A single trash hauler system will not be considered.  2) The City of Arvada will not be in the trash hauling business.  3)  The City of Arvada will not be involved in billing for trash hauling.  4)  The main priorities of the study are to explore more convenient methods of making recycling available to those consumers who voluntarily wish to have recycling pickup at their home.

If you would like more information please contact Jessica Schluederberg, Sustainability Coordinator at 720-898-7500.