Wendy's Weekly Water Tip: Get an Instant Hot Water Heater

Tired of waiting for the water to warm up?  Consider installing an instant hot water heater, also called a tankless or on demand hot water heater.  You can choose either a point-of-use unit for a specific location or a whole-house unit, depending on your needs. These units heat water on demand instead of storing it in a tank.  This process is energy efficient because it eliminates the heat lost and energy wasted by heating water only to store it in a tank. Plus, you save water because you don’t have to let the water run while waiting for it to warm up. You could save up to 40% on your energy bill, qualify for a federal energy tax credit, and save hundred of gallons of water each month.  Instant hot water heaters come in a variety of types and sizes, costing anywhere from a hundred to thousands of dollars, so be sure to get one that meets your needs.