Wendy's Weekly Water Tip: Don't Flush Your Money Away

Did you know that the largest indoor water use in most homes is toilet flushing? If you have an older, conventional toilet you are probably using more water than you need to. Can’t afford to replace your old toilet? Try an inexpensive water-displacement item, such as a tank bank or a float booster. A tank bank, which can be purchased for around $2, is a displacement bag that will reduce the amount of water in your existing tank by about 0.8 gallons, saving that amount of water with each flush. Just fill the displacement bag with water, close the valve, and hang the bag inside the tank of the toilet with the bag's hook. The tank bank is constructed of non-corrosive materials that resist microbes & fungal growth. Another option is a float booster, which can be purchased for around $5. It attaches, without tools, underneath the current float ball in pre-1986 toilets. The float booster decreases the water level in the toilet, saving approximately 1 gallon of water per flush. Float boosters are also non-degradable, so your savings will continue year after year. Not only will these simple additions to your toilet tank save water, but they will also save on your water bill. A small plastic bottle filled with water will also do the trick, but do not use a brick that might disintegrate and damage plumbing.