Working America Group to Canvass in Arvada


An organization called Working America recently contacted the Arvada Police Department to relay that the organization  would have canvassers working in Arvada in the near future. 

Working America is listed as an affiliate or allied organization of the AFL-CIO. You can reach the Working America website through a link on the AFL-CIO website. 

The Colorado office of Working America is listed as 140 Sheridan Blvd, #201, Denver, CO 80226, which is the address listed in the information they sent. 

Working America is a Political Advocacy Organization

Like many other political advocacy organizations, such as CoPIRG, or Clean Water Action, Working America uses door-to-door canvassing as a way to disseminate information and for fund raising purposes.

Canvassers who work for Working America have a constitutional right to engage in political speech by contacting people at their homes.  These canvassers are neither "transient merchants" nor "solicitors" under the Arvada City Code because they are not selling a product such as a good or a service. 

Asking a person to become a member of a political advocacy group and pay "voluntary dues" to the group does not constitute the sale of tangible personal property or a taxable service. 

No Sales Tax License or Transient Merchant Permit Required

Working America representatives are also not required to have a sales tax license or a transient merchant permit.

Arvada residents who are contacted by Working America representatives may be advised that they have the option of not answering the door or declining to listen to what the representative has to say. 

If the resident asks the Working America representative to leave the resident's property, the representative should leave the property promptly.

For Help or Additional Information

Any resident who feels threatened, or if a canvasser refuses to leave the property when asked, should contact the Arvada Police Department’s non-emergency line at 720-898-6900